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Alex the Alpaca
Stud male alpaca Alexander

Wellground ALEXANDER

Born to Atlantic BETSY on May 22nd 2004, Alex has always been special. His good looks and friendly disposition has always made him popular with everyone that met him, and his superior attitude makes him popular with the alpaca ladies!

Alex's brilliant fleece quality and great conformation made him an obvious choice as our herd sire.

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Ted - The Alpaca of Distinction

Wellground AMEN Ra (Ted)

Born 30th September 2004. He is a true "Alpaca of Distinction", a stunning multi-coloured young man with exceptional character, wit, and intelligence.
A famous web-celeb and published Author of the internationally famed "Ted's Diary".

Click HERE to discover for yourself how irresistible alpacas can be! (Ted's Diary)

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Alpaca Barnaby

Little Gem BARNABY

Little Gem Barnaby was born on a very wet, windy day in June, (6th June 2005).

Barney has a truly stunning light fawn fleece with wonderful crimp, softness and fineness. It is so bright the light shines from every fiber.

Barnaby is the nicest male alpaca we have bred, he is well made, with good conformation and good fleece coverage, he has matured well and is halter trained.

Barnaby and Alexander have the same mother; Betsy.

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Alpaca Chris

Little Gem CRYSTAL DREAM (Chris)

Chris was born on July 23rd 2006 to Betsy. Within minutes he was up on his feet and within the hour, rushing around the field, with poor Betsy chasing after him.

Chris grew into a lovely lad with an exceptionally crimped, fine fleece. He is quiet, easy going , feeds from your hand, and loves everyone.

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Alpaca Ivory


He was born on the 5th of August 2004. Ivory is a handsome young lad. His quiet, unassuming nature makes him popular with the youngsters. A real gentleman to handle.

He has quickly matured into a stunning macho.

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Alpaca Betsy

Atlantic BETSY

Betsy was born in Peru on or around 1st December 1997.

She is a lovely solid white female alpaca with lots of character. Her fleece is dense, soft and well crimped. Calves easily and is an excellent mother.

She has had three stunning males with us; Alexander, Barnaby, and Crystal Dream, all friendly boys with wonderful fleeces and early maturity.

Betsy likes to be boss and invariably is! She will feed from the hand and is an excellent guard alpaca.

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Alpaca Boadie

Little Gem BOADICEA (Boadie)

Boadie was born in beautiful East Devon on a sunny day in September (4th September 2005) in a text book birth.

She was on her feet and facing the world within 20 minutes and has never looked back.

She is a bright, inquisitive, friendly young lady with a stunningly crimped fleece of glowing, autumn brown. When you open her silky soft fleece the sun shines out of every fiber.

Like most of our alpacas, Boadie answers to her name and feeds from the hand.

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Alpaca Charm


Crystal Charm  was born early on Friday morning August 4th 2006, to proud mother Atlantic Conker.

She developed into a stunning female with the most wonderful fleece.

Another stunning youngster from Arunvale CLOUD.

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Alpaca Cleo

Atlantic CLEOPATRA (Cleo)

Atlantic Cleopatra, Cleo for short, was born in Peru on or around 1st January 1998.

She is a stunning mid grey with an even-coloured, unblemished fleece.

Her legs, under-neck and apron are a creamy white with no unsightly blotches.

She has the most beautiful face with large, dark ‘Egyptian‘ eyes. Yarn made from her fleece is soft and feather light and wonderful to hand knit.

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Alpaca Conker

Atlantic CONKER

Conker was born in Peru, on or around 1st March 1998.

She is a beautiful conker brown alpaca with jet black points and a fleece that any young maiden would be proud to wear.

Her micron count was 19.1 at 8 years old!

She has an outstanding record of 5 female cria in a row, all with her high quality fleece who retain their low micron count.

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Alpaca Babies
Selection of Alpaca Cria (that's babies in "Alpaca Speak")

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