Sue with Ted
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Alex the Alpaca

AMEN-RA ( that's "Ted" to all his friends )

This is the story of our "Premiere Alpaca" -

After buying our core herd from Rob in Wiltshire, we left them on livery while looking for land to have our own Alpaca Farm.

Of course nothing stays still when you have animals! The alpacas we had purchased were giving birth, and our herd size was doubling!

Then we had a phone call from Rob saying a birth was imminent from the last purchased Alpaca!

Cleo (short for Cleopatra) was about to give us another herd increase, we had fingers crossed for a pure white breeding female. But fate stepped in and gave us our main character - this is how it all happened.......

Ted's first appearance

Cleo strained, and a small head appeared. "Gosh that's great" said Rob, "It looks like a white alpaca; they're the best!" he said.

"Ah! No - it's a black, great for breeding!" he corrected.

"Well that's unusual, we appear to have a multi-coloured alpaca, bound to have appeal as something different" he continued (Forever the optimist),

"Oh dear, it's a male. Shame that......!"

" Um, Actually he looks a bit like that Father Ted on the TV, you know - the Irish comedy!" said Sue.

So that's how Ted got his name. He was registered as Amen Ra, the sun god, but somehow he was never called that.

But he is a lovely alpaca, friendly, funny, and always the first to be noticed by visitors to the herd. So he became our Public Relations Alpaca. He was was going nowhere.

(Not quite true, his favourite pastime is going out for a walk on his halter), and then in March the following Year he started keeping his own Diary!

11.45 AM on 31st August 2004
- Ted is born.
Ted all dried out
Ted grabbing some rays
and the back of the head
4.30PM Dried out & thinking about food!
Soaking up the "rays"
Got to keep my tan even
First attempt at standing
tired out
first stand
Thinking about food (soon to be a lifetime habit)
Well, that was tiring
OK, if I've really got to stand up to eat....
First meal
Tired again
Ted with his mum
Hmm, Milkshake's on the menu today

When that's gone down, I'll do that again, and again, and again, and......

Well, that was Day one in the life of Ted - The Alpaca of Distinction.

Little did we realise that this little bundle of joy was destined to become an international web-celeb, a Diarist, a published Author, a pin-up, a leading Public Relations executive, a teacher, a nanny, ............. and the list goes on, and his greatest claim to fame; - The Alpaca of Distinction.


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