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Ted's Diary

Hi, my name is Wellground Amen Ra, (better known as Ted) I am an alpaca – yes! I really am!  In fact, I am an Alpaca of Distinction. 

I have been thinking (and eating hay), and I think the world deserves to appreciate me just as much as The BOSS and "Other Half" do.

It seems to me that now that I am older (I am now nearly 2) I should put down some of my many life experiences in a Diary, and I should eat more hay. That way everyone can gain fantastic insights into their everyday lives, and eat hay.

Eating hay is a key part of being a superior being, just look at me - I eat hay and I am definitely superior, so that must work. Let me eat some more hay and think about that for a while.

Yes, I am sure the world would be a better place if we all ate hay!

Now that I have solved the worlds problems we can get back to a more important subject - ME.

I am an Alpaca of Distinction. I know that's true because The BOSS says so, and she is never wrong. "Other Half" thinks so, too, because The BOSS told him to think that, so all the people on the farm believe it.

Using the Advertisment Method of calculation; If 100% of the people on the farm know it to be true then obviously 100% of all the people in the world believe it too.

Well now that we have settled that I must eat more Hay.

Anyway, let's get started......

I have been typing madly on my Alpaca Laptop, and here is my masterpiece, OOPS, sorry, here is my Diary - The Diary of an Alpaca of Distinction - ME.....

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